My kit list 

all photos that I use are mine

Architect have may tools of the trade. I know for a fact that when I first started studying I was given a massive list of equipment that I needed,then another that would be handy if I got.  At first I didn’t think that I would probably use all of it but it turns out that I can’t live without any of it.

 Room and a lot of it 

While you don’t need to have a ridiculous amount of space, it sure helps. Since I work on a bunch of things at once, as I am sure will probably the same for most . It helps to us a desk that fits full size drawings on it and still give us some room to work. I have a large work space at uni and I also have a huge deal at home that I may or may not have “borrowed” from my dad (he is never getting it back).

Tracing pape

At the moment I have 2 roles of tracing paper as well as a couple of pads on I keep at uni and the other on me nearly all the time I use this semi-transparent paper daily and can’t imagine doing my work without having some on hand. Since starting this course I think I have fallen in love with tracing paper.

Scale rule

For some reason, I am to be a hoarder of these I have probably brought about 8 or more of these bu now but I only have 3 at the monent, I think they may be hidden under the piles of tracings. Thinking about it I don’t need this many and I can’t really explain why I have so many other than I do find it is a good idea to have a 30cm ruler and a 45cm one to hand as sometimes it is easier to use a small on and some time the small one is not long enough sometimes even the big one is to long but I will find it helps. And I am also going to be investing in 2 6inc ones as I think this may be handy when it comes to do so more intricate work.



I love my camera and I use it all the time (except when I need a picture of it) I originally got my camera for my 13th birthday so it is a few years old now, it has turned into one constant companion. But it is one of the best things ever I use it to document my work all the time. However I have recently brought a smaller and more portable one, the picture quality is about the same if not better. Just still need to get the hang of the manual settings. 


Set square

This is one of the best thing to have on hand. Couldn’t imagine having to do my work with out it. I use mine daily, so much so that some how I have even broken one of mine.i don’t know how it just happened.

Type Measure

 in the first couple of weeks I did a lot of measuring as I ws surveying an existing build. This was actually a lot harder that it sounds I found that everyone ended up with different results. It also might be handy to have more than one Tape measure as I found I misplaced my an uncountable amount of times.



Possibly the most boring thing on this list but an important part of the process. It is important to use book as well as other sources of information. There are more ways to research than Google



I am nothing if not particular about the pens I  use (or at least I try to be). I have so many pens these are just a couple that I use regularly to do every day tasks I can not beginning to express how lost I would be with out my fine liner and macanical pencil. My favourite macanical pencil is my Kuru Toga. Not all if then are fancy I have a couple I had since I was at least 12 and I still love them.


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