Birds Eye View For The Hive


I have used the areas and spaces that have been used to form the areas in the floorplan, I then pulled some of these hexagons and created different heights with them along the roof of the hall 6 m and the cafe is towering at 9 m with the rest of the hexagons ranging between 6 and 9 m I plan for the roof to have these stunning hexagons being pulled from the heart of the building. In the side of these t will be windows that will then allow the light to flood down through the space this will also work with the skylights.


The stunning canopy personally to me is one of the main features of the build providing a luxurious covered area that can be used throughout the year with these stunning pillars that are hexagonally shaped as reflected throughout the rest of the build. At the basis of some of these hexagonal -shaped pillars there will be seating featuring flowerbeds in the middle that will be watered using the water run-off, this will create a stunning surrounding that has a calming effect on the community providing a safe and quiet environment with the local area.


A similar structure that is seen in the in the canopy is also used over the top of the cafe this creates a stunning concave hexagon, that will feature a stunning light  fitting that is mounted from the central point.







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