Curtain Wall


With constant development in science and technology, glass curtain walls are finding increasingly more applications and their structures are also experiencing great changes. Glass curtain walls have developed from singular aluminium alloy frame glass curtain walls to serialized frameless glass curtain walls, including hanger type, hanger plus spider-fitting type and fully spider fitting type.
Spider Glazing is generally of 3 types:-


· Fins System Glazing


· Truss System


· Tension Rod System


I have decided to use the tension road system I have also done research in to the Truss System but I decided against it As I feel that the trust system will give more support building and it also adds an element of raw exposed materials that add to the architecture in this trust system I have free cables one of which goes vertical and horizontal and the other two go vertical while curving in opposite directions and making almost wavelike pattern throughout the system this strengthens the supports and creates a strong bond that allows the curtain wall to withstand its own weight and any forces put on.





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