First Floor Plan For The Hive

As previously mentioned with the ground floorplan, I have allowed the purpose of the required spaces to dictate the evolution of the upper level. the as I said previously have allowed the spaces. I identified the need for conference rooms and several one-on-one rooms on this floor. Some of the conference rooms could have bi-fold doors so that you can separate them into several one-on-one rooms. This floor has the mezzanine that hangs over the cafe as well as for spaces that can be used for either one-on-one rooms or conference rooms or could also be rented out to start-up companies. There is also an IT’s suite that is above the storage space on the ground floor this could be used for lessons as there would also be a small library in this area, providing the community with multiple research sources.

My design has been strongly influenced by community and my aim to try and draw people into the church and adjoining buildings, considering this, I have created a space where people be able to learn and educate themselves as well as seek help if needed. There could be many activities hosted in the rooms on this level, such as, there drugs counselling, alcoholics anonymous, suicide support, refugee support, and many more. People could come here for help or to find support to get their lives on track, such as debt management and employment advice, this could entail helping people search for jobs as well as write their CV’s, along with training on how to update this. The upstairs space can have many different uses and it can be used for a variety of activities, the space is adaptable.

I decided to place the ICT suite towards the end of the building as in this section is a long hexagon I thought this would be compatible with several possible layouts. There could also be computer training provided, it could even be possible to work towards qualifications such as ECDL which would be useful to many people as computers are such important aspect of today’s world.

I plan for the first floor of the building to have a similar facade to that of the cafe to pride privacy for the individuals using the facility, while still providing natural light.

On this floor there is a small triangle towards the end of the building that would be used for services and electricals for the computer suite. This would be an effective use of the space and would discreetly hide the wires and cables.



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