Ground Floor Plan For The Hive

I have allowed the purpose of the spaces to shape the floorplan, there is an irregular winding corridor that flows throughout the building, each of the hexagrams on this floor have been shaped by the purpose of the room. On this floorplan you can also find the seating plan for the café along with and the outdoor covered area. It also shows where the mezzanine is, as well as the skylight over the hall, I am happy with the outcome of this plan. On the ground floor I have the café, the hall, the kitchen, toilets, storage areas, as well as a spiral staircase that leads to the first floor the corridor can be used for exhibition space as well as seating.

The dot design has been influenced by the concept of community and my aim for this is to be the central point, that the parish can be use for many different activities and events, allowing the space to be adaptable. The café is featured to the left of this floorplan, I intend for this to be a large open area that will be have open access to the general public throughout the day. It is possible for the café, mezzanine level and outside space to be used for church activities, such as the Sunday School, this would be useful as it is directly opposite the Church worship area and will be easy to access. It could also be a space where the wider community and the church community can gather therefore building a better sense of community within the parish. It could be possible for the café or the hall to be rented out, especially during quieter seasons.

I have placed the storage directly behind the café as this will create easy access for people to move things in and out, while visiting or setting up for activities such as the food or clothing bank.

There is a green wall on the West façade of the building this could even possibly be used to grow things like herbs to be used in the café’s kitchen. This will give the wall more purpose than to just be a feature as well as to regulate temperatures within the facility, as it acts as a insulator.

I planned the café to be able to sell and use Fairtrade products such as coffee beans, tea leaves, sugar and baked goods. At some point it could even be possible to try and grow fruit and veg somewhere on the site and this could then be either used in the café or sold to the community.

Personally I feel that this floorplan fulfils the clients needs in an interesting and effective way that will also affect how the community uses the space. I envisage that it will create a calming and safe environment where people feel protected at ease and relaxed.



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